Best veterinary clinics in France

Veterinary in France are organized by categories. The veterinary clinic, which attends sick pets or injured pets. Veterinary hospital, are if you are looking for the professional help and the cure for our pets. Veterinary emergencies, it is when you are looking for urgent veterinary medical attention in France, and do not overthink it. In this category, is usual to have a veterinary guide, and you can find the best-prepared experienced professionals to provide the best care for your pets.

Veterinary Consultingthis category is for your pet needs, this is to have a routine consultation, or maybe a special consulting just to clear doubts. At homeVeterinary,if you feel worried by the idea of taking your pet out of your home, and take it to the clinical, get in touch with an “At home veterinary in France”. Veterinary Center, here you have an extensive Database of veterinary centers in France or close to it.

For the French citizens there are veterinary clinics that are recognized as the best ones. Let´s start with “Clinique Veterinaire Saint Germain” and is located in 7, Boulevard Saint Germain 75005 Paris, there you can find Ultrasound, ophthalmology, hospitalization, radiography, endoscopy, dermatology, surgery-anesthesia, internal medicine, vaccination, medical analysis, nutrition and feeding, and pharmacy.

Clinique VétérinaireLabo&Cie, is located in At 15 Rue la Botié, Paris. In this clinic, you can find different type of food for your pet such as half and alfalfa, and different kinds of services, dental services, trainers and dog walkers, shelter adoptions centers, and waste removal.

VetoAdom Clinic, is another clinic in the list. Vetoadomoffers home services all day and all night long, this clinic can take any emergency for your pet for a 24/7 schedule. Dogs, cats, Nac (Ferret, rabbit, small rodents, birds, reptiles…) are the species of animals that this clinic treats.

As reported by its website, the clinic has attended 1,000,000 of animals since 1981. And it receive more than 490,000 calls per year. The average of the clinic is of 17/20, which is a very good average. This clinic is a national reference for the years of experience and good services.

VetoAdom Clinic has more than forty veterinarians ( veterinaire ouvert la nuit ) located in Paris. With a simple telephone call, you can call VetoAdom on Sundays, holidays all the 365 days of the year. Recruited from their experience, veterinarians knows the techniques and specifics of the emergency. They are used to dealing with delicate situations. They use therapeutic protocols, constantly updated, so that your pet benefits from the evolution of veterinary medicine.  This clinic in case of a medical necessity, the veterinarian involved can transport your pet to the structure of your usual veterinarian or service veterinarian, so that your pet receives the best care. At the end, of each intervention, you will receive the consultation report by e-mail, also addressed to your usual veterinarian. You can have the possibility to send the clinic your testimony through the website.  Any intervention of a veterinarian in your home in case of emergency leads to the billing of a query and a displacement. The price of the consultation depends on the time you use the service. You should count on the number of consultation with an emergency veterinarian. The rates are; Consultation from 9:30AM to 11:30PM – EUR 62, Query from 11:30 to 1:30 EUR 80, consultation from 01:30 to 05:00 EUR  92, Consultation from 05h00 to 09h30 EUR 80.  The price of the consultations does not change on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In special situations, a rate modification may be applied. You will always be informed in advance when you register your application. The cost of the trip is added to the amount of the consultation, it depends on your municipality. To know the number of trips in your city, you can go to the website ofVetoAdom and enter your zip code in order to have an idea of the cost.  The rate of home care and injections corresponds to current practices in the profession. The cost of each act that can be done in your home is available by the staff of the clinic, through a simple telephone request. When requests for intervention for euthanasia are submitted with or without body administration for collective or individual cremation, a full budget will be presented.  The VetoAdom veterinary emergency service is recommended by almost 80% of the veterinary establishments in France. If you have health insurance for your pet, consider presenting a veterinarian care sheet so you can complete it at the end of your intervention.   VetoAdomaccept all payment methods: check, cash, and credit card. The facilities can be granted by the veterinarian according to your request and your situation.  At the end of the consultation, the veterinarian writes a report, the report will be sent to you assistant veterinarian and you will receive by email your access codes to the secure VetoAdom area, that allow you to: view the report, leave a testimony to the clinic and a qualitative evaluation. The rates already include taxes. (20%).

Montague Veterinary Clinic:

This Veterinary Clinic offers a wide variety of services within its own hospital. The staff describe themselves as a very competent and caring veterinary professionals with many years of caring for the pets. They have an affiliate satellite clinic in Souris, PEI, that has a full time receptionist a part time technician and two veterinarians providing the service to the clients, in the most eastern end of the island.

At both Montague and Souris Veterinary Clinics, they provide the highest quality of health care for your beloved pets. They take pride about their friendly and knowledgeable veterinary team, they count with diagnostic equipment, and the customer service.

The animal services include, but not limited to: Acupuncture & Natural Medicine, Therapeutic Laser, Traditional & Preventative Medicine, Pet Nutrition, Routine Surgical Procedures as well as Orthopedic & Soft Tissue Surgery, Dental Cleaning & Extractions, Direct Dental X-Ray, Full Body Direct Digital X-ray including OFA radiographs. It also include: Ultrasound, Full In-House Diagnostic Services, Frozen Semen AI, Canine semen collection, Pet food and supplies and Boarding. Grooming is available on an as need basis for pets that require sedation. They are continuously adding to this list. Large animal services include:  Preventative and herd health medicine for farm animals and equine, digital X-ray, ultrasound, equine dental, and embryo transfer services for all clientele. They have available for emergency or consult 24/7. Centre HospitalierVétérinaireFregis; from 1836 to the current Fregis Veterinary Hospital has been working for pets in France. It was installed in Montmartre, Paris surrounded by vineyards and market gardens. The team is now composed of almost 40 veterinarians, with about half of them being specialists, and a quarter of them having practiced or trained in North America or England.

The services that Centre HospitalierVétérinaireFregis offers are: Cardiology, surgery, behavior, dermatology, orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, and neurosurgery. They also offer special cconsultations requested by your assistant veterinarian. In this case, it is good that they get in touch with him or her to discuss the reasons for the summary and that he gives us the results of the exams already done. This can also be done in writing. Specialized consultations can also be requested to obtain a second opinion, at your initiative. In both cases, call the reception between 8 am and 8 pm to make an appointment. If your assistant veterinarian has done it for you, re-enter your arrival by checking the exact time with a new call. However, if you need to see your pet quickly and the veterinarian you want is not present or unavailable, another specialist or an emergency veterinarian may receive it to perform the initial clinical examination, possibly admitting your pet. Animal in the hospital and put in place the necessary care while waiting for specialized exams. This “team approach” that we have implemented for many years, allows the best patient care.

You can make a specialized appointment in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Cardio-Pulmonology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, and Behavior.   At the end of the consultation, diagnostic hypotheses and possibly a treatment will be proposed. You will be given a full report at the end of the consultation and will be sent to your assistant veterinarian.  In other hand, is good to know when you have your pet treated at a veterinary in France, you will be given the “Carnet de santé et de vaccination” which details all treatments and vaccinations given to the pet. This will form part of the pet passport if you want to take your pet in and out of the country, and you should ensure that it is up to date at all times.

Vets surgeries are marked in France by a sign with a blue cross on it. They will also be listed in the local yellow pages directories under “Vétérinairespracticiens”, but you need to be aware that the listings are done first by town in the directories, then by profession.

It is possible to get pet insurance in France, but the number of owners who do this is a much lower percentage than in the United Kingdom. Vet’s bills in France are comparable with those in the United Kingdom. The cost of vet insurance is not excessive and as in the United Kingdom for example, there are discounts if you have more than one pet. As with policies in the United Kingdom there are limits on how much money can be claimed for veterinary treatment and there are many policies which will not reimburse you the full cost of treatment, regardless of the amount. It is difficult to get a policy renewed if a pet needs regular treatment. Veterinary clinics in France do more than simply treat animals for illness. Many of them act as a point of contact for rehoming and if you are looking for a new pet you are just as likely to find one through your local veterinary as you are through an animal shelter.

There are several different organizations in France which can point you in the direction of a veterinary in your area. These include the “Ordre des VétérinairesConseilSupérieur and the Fédération des SyndicatsVétérinaires de France”. The websites are in French but have a search facility so that you can find a vet close to your home. The sites are also filled with other useful information such as recommended pet insurers. These sites will not be able to give you listings of veterinary clinics that speak English but there are many different ways to find this information. Listings may be available from your embassy or from the “Local Mairie”, although this will depend a great deal on the size of the town and the need for this information. If there are not many English-speaking expats in your area they may not feel the need to collate this information. If you are in an area with other English speaking expats then asking for recommendations from friends and colleagues is the best way to go.

The standard of veterinary care in France is very good. Several of the universities have dedicated departments for those who want to train to be a vet and the training they undergo is very similar to that provided in the United States of America or the United Kingdom. France was home to the very first veterinary school in the world. There are veterinary clinics in all the major towns and cities although not all of the smaller towns will have a veterinary clinic. Finding an English speaking veterinary clinic is much harder. As they are able to train within France there is little need for them to spend time in an English speaking country. Many will have Basic English conversational skills but fluency is not as common. However, some will have had to study textbooks in other languages as they are not yet translated into English, but this is not something you can rely on.